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Big .45 Colt Conversion

45 conversion, Linebaugh Custom Sixguns, ebony pistol grips by PJ Nelson

pictured gun is stainless steel Bisley with LCS custom ebony grips, oversized 6 shot 45 colt cylinder

For our big 45 Conversion we install a new barrel, a steel ejector rod housing with checkered ejector rod button, and an oversize 5 or 6 shot cylinder. These are done on Ruger™ frames only and we suggest the Bisley™ model for its superior grip and recoil control either in the Blackhawk™ model with adjustable sights or the Vaquero Bisley™. With a 5 shot cylinder and a 7 1/2' barrel you can expect the following velocities:


240-260 gr. JHP   1700 fps    27 Knock Out

260 gr. cast          1750 fps    29 KO 

310/320 gr. cast  1600 fps    31 KO

340 gr. cast          1500 fps    32 KO

370 gr. cast          1400 fps    33 KO


Conversion in blue: $3,800

Conversion in stainless steel: $4,200




Each sixgun is completely rebuilt throughout. Metal work is standard. Heavy duty Wolff mainsprings are used in every gun. Every action is tightened, aligned, and blocked. Trigger pulls adjusted to minimum amount of creep and let off with insured safety.  Each gun is fitted with custom walnut grips. Front sight is machined from a solid blank to .120" width. A steel ejector rod housing with checkered ejector rod button is also included. All models have free wheel loading system. This means the cylinder will rotate in either direction silently. Deep blue finish. All Linebaugh sixguns carry a lifetime guarantee.



All Linebaugh custom grips are made exclusively by John Linebaugh in his shop. His familiarity with the balance and recoil levels of his custom revolvers gives him a hands-on edge of how perfectly designed grips should feel and be made.

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