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.500 Linebaugh, Linebaugh Custom Sixguns
50 Caliber Linebaugh, Linebaugh Custom Sixguns

The 500 Linebaugh is the top end of the packable, practical big bore punch in a handgun. True, bigger guns and cartridges can be built, but they are not packable or practical. The 500 with a 7 1/2" barrel is only slightly larger than a Ruger™ 44 magnum and only a few ounces heavier. In the punch department it is tops. Penetration is excellent and the 475 is the only revolver we have tested that will beat it. For "soft skinned" game it is unparalleled. The 500 is built exclusively on the Ruger Bisley™ and with a 7 1/2" barrel, you can expect the following velocities:


350 gr. LBT cast      1450 fps      36 Knock Out

410 gr. LBT cast      1350 fps      39 KO

450 gr. LBT cast      1300 fps      41 KO


The 500 is a 30,000 psi gun. Gun/Case life has been excellent with many cases being reloaded over 20 times. The .512" diameter lube size dies are available from RCBS. Accuracy to date has been excellent with many guns shooting near 1" at 25 yards out of our hands. Machine rest accuracy has given us under 3" at 100 yards. Again, we don't guarantee every gun to shoot this good. Load data supplied with each gun.


Conversion in blue: $3,800

Conversion in stainless steel: $4,200

Conversion with LCS brass grip frame: $7,500   (Highest Grade Linebaugh Conversion)


Brass Grip Frame with Extra Fancy Walnut Grips, built on your Bisley™ - any caliber

After 35 years of gun making, this brass grip framed Bisley™ with fancy walnut is our favorite model and the best quality gun that we produce.  This is my favorite personal gun I carry and the one I use most of all. - J. Linebaugh



Each sixgun is completely rebuilt throughout. Metal work is standard. Heavy duty Wolff mainsprings are used in every gun. Every action is tightened, aligned, and blocked. Trigger pulls adjusted to minimum amount of creep and let off with insured safety.  Each gun is fitted with custom walnut grips. Front sight is machined from a solid blank to .120" width. A steel ejector rod housing with checkered ejector rod button is also included. All models have free wheel loading system. This means the cylinder will rotate in either direction silently. Deep blue finish. All Linebaugh sixguns carry a lifetime guarantee.



All Linebaugh custom grips are made exclusively by John Linebaugh in his shop. His familiarity with the balance and recoil levels of his custom revolvers gives him a hands-on edge of how perfectly designed grips should feel and be made.

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