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Dick Casull

With Dick Casull in 2017...

he was so far ahead of his time.

Rest in Peace, friend.

big bore hand guns, .50 caliber pistol, john linebaugh
John Linebaugh, custom gun maker, cover story guns and ammo .475 caliber hand gun
John Linebaugh at Monster Lake shoot
John Linebaugh, Dustin Linebaugh, Big Bore Hand Gun Shoot 2016, Monster Lake, Cody, Wyo
shooting buffalo at 1000 yards, Big Bore Six Gun Shoot, Monster Lake Ranch, Cody Wyoming, John Linebaugh Custom Sixguns
long range pistol shooting, Monster Lake Ranch, John Linebaugh Custom Sixgun, Old School Cowboy shooting, steel buffalo
Father and daughter shooting big bore handgun
.50 caliber with fancy walnut grips
custom ebony pistol grips
john linebaugh, custom gun maker, old school cowboy sixgunner, hand guns, western art
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