gun #39, happy birthday! This gun was built 26 years ago today.

John Linebaugh .475

This gun came into my shop this week for a "check-up" and I am pleased to report that it is in excellent condition. The picture below shows close up view of the forcing cone in the rear of the barrel. This .475 Linebaugh has been treated properly - shot a LOT. (Used, but not abused. Always had a drop of oil on each end of the cylinder at all times.) Documented over 10,000 rounds with very heavy loads. All H110 and lead bullets. This erosion is MINIMAL and it is gratifying to see also that the barrel cylinder gap is still under .003", the same as it was when we built it 26 years ago. Zero end shake in the cylinder and absolutely no frame stretch. Bill Ruger made a good main frame and quality lasts.

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