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John Linebaugh Custom Sixguns super grade brace, cased set .50 caliber and .475 caliber, Marvin Huey box

After 35 years of learning his craft the hard way, John has finally got a few things down pat.  These guns represent the blood, sweat and tears of 3 plus decades of focused work, great influences and undeserved blessings along the way.  The limited production of these top quality guns are a result of the slow and meticulous process of one man, at the peak of his career, working alone in his machine shop.


He produces his own Bisley™ brass grip frames and color cased Bisley™ hammers.   John then hand fits each part with the utmost care born of his experience.  Grips, hand fitted and shaped from extra fancy walnut, perfectly complement the final result - a practical, packable and powerful tool - AND a work of art, beautifully executed in every detail.

With each super grade gun comes a letter of certification, sequenced pictures of the gun during its assembly and a test target fired by John.

For the discriminating collector, these top quality guns can be featured in an immaculately fitted, one of a kind, Marvin Huey cased set. (as pictured) EXTREMELY limited quantities and POR only

Linebaugh 50 Caliber revolver
500 Linebaugh, big bore revolver
fancy walnut grips by PJ Nelson, brass grip frame, 50 caliber handgun, Linebaugh Custom Sixguns
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